Reaction to Muhammad Radicals Leaves Us Speechless

I can’t take it any more…

To my friends back home who are promoting the “don’t poke the bear philosophy,” you are instead choosing to give up your freedom of speech. You are choosing fear over freedom. I understand your fear. I have children and grandchildren I love and want to protect, too, but do you want them to live in America where they have the freedom to express their opinions and exercise their religion? Or do you prefer they live in a country where they are told what to believe and what they can say under fear of death?

By cowering to these thugs and terrorists, BECAUSE WE ARE AFRAID OF OFFENDING THEM, we would be handing them our 1st Amendment rights on a silver platter.

I know this has now hit close to home, and that’s why you are so passionately voicing your opposition. When it was Columbine, it was a tragedy, and I’m sure you voiced opinions, but it was removed from you. I lived there, and I kept my kids home on the anniversary of the massacre, due to renewed threats.

And the lunatic who shot up the theater in Aurora? Yeah, my kids frequented that theater, and when I couldn’t make contact the next morning, I was a basket case. So yeah, I get your fear. But if you think lying down and allowing your fear to placate these people will keep them from coming to your neighborhoods, you’re wrong. THEY’RE ALREADY THERE. And they are just biding their time and waiting to take over.


They are here, people. They aren’t going away, and if you’re just going to live in fear with blinders on and pretend it’s ok, while they go about their business, you’ll wake up one day and find yourself in a country run by them. Take your fingers out of your ears and stop saying “LALALALALALA.” They WANT you to pretend everything is ok. They WANT you to let them have their events and not have oppositional ones. How do you think they’ll gain control????

Let me get a few things straight here.

America has welcomed this foreign religious group into our country.

freedom of religionIn return, they demand we change our laws or they will kill us.


And might I also point out to those who wish to deprive us of our 2nd Amendment rights by disarming law-abiding citizens, that is exactly what the terrorist thugs would love to see. A nation of sheeple, scared shitless, who they can come in and terrorize and take over.

When we start letting our rights be chiseled away, little by little, one by one, no matter who takes them, we lose. It’s just like losing hair – little by little, day by day, it falls out, and you don’t really notice until one day, you look in the mirror and it’s all gone and you wonder where it went. And there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Civil Rights and LibertiesYou go ahead and live in fear. I’m not willing to back down and give up my rights as a citizen. I don’t plan to wear a hijab or be oppressed by men or told who I have to worship. America was built by FEARLESS men and women, who believed in the right to worship a God of their choosing, the right to speak their minds without fear of retribution, and the right of free citizens to bear arms.

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Looting and Riots Lead to Arrests in Freddie Gray’s Death


A week ago, after Freddie Gray was laid to rest, the good citizens of Baltimore took to the streets, burning businesses, looting stores, and destroying property in an effort to right a wrong.

It appears their illegal behavior prevailed. Six officers were arrested and charged with Gray’s death Friday.

So what have we learned?

Apparently, if you are a member of a suspect class, breaking laws, looting, rioting, and destruction of property is okay, and you will be given free reign to do so.

violenceBaltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake stated on Saturday, April 25, 2015, that the police had given “those who wished to destroy space to do that as well.” I do not care how many ways her office has tried to back-track and undo that damaging statement, and I’m sure she wishes she never said it, but the fact is, she said it, and there is no other way to spin it.

Is this what our society has disintegrated to? Lawlessness and illegal activity is now not only ignored, but encouraged. And not only by the general population, but by those in authority.

Now the thugs are claiming victory, and encouraging further disobedience by tweeting out messages to boycott the curfew.

I am taken aback by the ignorance of those who believe it is perfectly okay – even acceptable and commendable – to perform acts of violence and destruction, as well as blatantly encourage the breaking of laws that are in place to protect and keep the peace. These are illegal acts, and should be treated as such. Those who perpetrate them should be prosecuted and punished, not applauded.

The way I see it, the problem started because the citizens wanted laws to apply equally to the cops. Now they want a pass to break the law and victimize an innocent shop owner (for instance) because someone else may have broken the law. That simply makes no sense. Furthermore, the perpetrators of the violence and destruction weren’t the victims of Freddie Gray’s death.

How about restoring not only a bit of law and order to the streets of Baltimore, but a little bit of common sense as well?

Our justice system isn’t perfect, but it’s what we’ve got. If we learn nothing else from Baltimore, let’s learn that no matter how slowly we think the wheels turn, they are turning, and destroying our city will not change the outcome. Truth wins out in the end, and there’s no need to destroy the lives of additional, innocent people in the meantime.


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Parenthood: Denied

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

Not too long ago, I ran across this article by Michael Signorile, about the proud new parents of twin boys

I was actually researching unmarried fathers’ rights att the time because I had learned unmarried fathers have few, if any, legal rights to their children, while they have immediate obligations of child support. Many times, unmarried fathers not only have to prove biological DNA relationships, but an ongoing physical relationship with the child before they are granted any rights like visitation or parenting.

But I digress…

This article discusses two married parents who sought a surrogate to implant embryos because they couldn’t have children themselves. The embryos – twins – were carried to term, delivered, and turned over to the biological parents.


Neither parent is on the birth certificate of their biological children.

Only the surrogate mother, who is biologically unrelated to either child, is on the birth certificate.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

How can this be? Because the parents are gay men, legally married in Washington, D.C., that’s how. But they live in Texas, where same sex marriage is not recognized.

Each man is the biological father of one of the boys. They want to co-adopt one another’s child. In Texas, to grant a second-parent adoption, it must be between two married people, and because Texas doesn’t recognize same sex marriages, it is up to the judge’s discretion whether or not to allow it.

There are so many issues here, I’m not sure where to begin.

First, obviously, is the problem with leaving something as important as the lives of these children up to the whims of a judge. There are other gay couples in Texas who have successfully completed cross adoptions. Why, then, is it ok to pick and choose which couples are acceptable parents and which are not? Is this not a violation of equal rights?

And then there’s the same sex marriage debate. This couple was legally married. Thirty seven states recognize same sex marriage. Support for gay marriage is at an all time high. It’s time for the Supreme Court to lay this argument to rest, once and for all. Application of the Full Faith and Credit Clause in Texas would completely change the game here, because second-parent adoption is automatic between two married people.

Finally, what I find particularly concerning, and disturbingly ignored, is the fact that these biological fathers remain absent from the birth certificates. Not only do they want to be recognized as the fathers, they want to raise their children. But because of inconsistent application of the laws not only from state to state, but within the state itself, they must fight an unprecedented – and unnecessary – battle to be the fathers they went to much effort and expense to become. As it stands, the only person with legal rights to these men’s sons is the surrogate mother who has no biological ties to the children whatsoever.

The future of this family, and countless others, hangs in the balance. The best interest of these children would be to recognize their fathers as their fathers, allow co-adoption, and let this family move on with their lives as a family. The simplest way to do it is by laying to rest the same sex marriage debate.

It’s time to recognize families, be they same-sex or opposite-sex, and to ensure equal protection of the laws as they were intended, as well as full faith and credit of the laws from state to state.

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My Daddy’s Just a Paycheck

Laws may vary from state to state, but when a child is born to unmarried couples, the mother usually has automatic full legal and physical custody at birth. Even if the father’s name is on the birth certificate, unless he takes steps to establish custodial rights, he has little more than the right to pay child support.

2010_Favorites_09Society – and our legal system – has made it difficult for unmarried fathers to be involved in their children’s lives. Without legal documentation, there is no recognition of a relationship, and once that legal documentation exists, the only relationship the legal system cares about is a financial one. As long as dad sends in a check, there is no regulation or accountability of the relationship between father and child. Mom can make it difficult or impossible for dad to even see the child. As long as she gets that money, she’s on to boyfriend number 2 or 3 or 6, carting the child along with her, and dad is left in the dust.

562488_4158544720612_137976538_nMy son is one of those dads. He hasn’t seen his daughter in years, not for lack of trying. He has a court order giving him unlimited telephone access, as well as ordering the mother to provide a current address and stating the child is not to be moved out of state. She moved from hotel to hotel, boyfriend to boyfriend, city to city. My son would locate her, and she would move. He would find her on social media and she would block him and shut it down. He finally learned she had left the state. When he spoke to the child support enforcement division, they sent him a letter informing him there was a new payee – the mother’s new husband. My son spoke to his daughter’s caseworker and was told she couldn’t give him any information because he wasn’t a party to the case. Now my son is paying child support to a man who has custody of his daughter, while he has been in a years-long battle trying to find his daughter. He filed contempt, was granted a hearing, but was unable to locate the mom to have papers served before the deadline.

Fathers need better protection. As more and more unmarried couples have children, it is inconceivable to force a father to establish and dispute custodial rights at the birth of his child. It is no longer in the best interest of the child to simply award primary custody to the mother. There is no accountability of the mothers. They are free to do as they please, while the courts monitor every misstep of the fathers. Enacting laws that would put mothers in jail or take away their driver licenses for violating court orders, just as they do when fathers miss child support payments, might reduce the incidences of alienating these fathers from their children.

The same piece of paper issued to force my son to pay child support was supposed to protect his access to his daughter and keep her in the state. Why can the state enforce only the piece against him, and nothing against his child’s mother?

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Are You My Mother?

It seems like every day on social media, more and more people are advertising to find their birth families.

Beyond the question of why they feel they must do so lies a much more 2010_Favorites_22fundamental question: why are they denied this knowledge?

For every child born, an original birth certificate (OBC) is issued, with the child’s birth date, time, place, and parents’ names. If that child is adopted, the birth certificate is amended to reflect the adoptive parents’ names and the child’s new name, if this is changed. It is the amended birth certificate (ABC) that the adoptee uses throughout their life. The OBC and other adoption records are sealed by the court, and are unavailable to the adoptee… ever.

The 14th Amendment provides that all laws be applied equally to all persons, without discrimination. However, adoptees are being denied access to their own original birth certificates, while non-adopted citizens have direct legal access to their OBCs. Are adoptees and their parents part of some suspect class of people who need a separate set of laws that apply only to them? Certainly not, and denying an adoptee access to a vital record that is freely accessible to every other citizen is a violation of rights that should clearly not be tolerated.

2011_Favorites_011By denying adoptees access to their own personal records, they are forced to resort to begging on social media or avail themselves of DNA services that connect blood relatives who register with their companies, potentially risking the privacy of their blood relatives. “Giving adoptees access to their own vital birth certificates is the fair and equitable thing to do in a nation that prides itself on upholding human and civil rights, and it is also the safer, kinder and more private way to protect birth parents allowing what are personal and family matters to remain private. Maintaining sealed adoption records does not protect mothers and fathers of birth but rather puts them in far more jeopardy of public exposure.

It is time for all states to get on-board and restore these rights that have been denied for too long. Adoption is intended to provide children a “better” life and is purported to be “the same as if” being born into one’s family. Let’s make that a bit more true by ending discriminatory laws that treat adopted persons differently from everyone else.”

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